07/20/18: I LIVE!!!

10/23/11: Trimmed SFES, updated it with some illustrations. AC 2011 was a blast!

06/29/10: Anthrocon was awesome. I had a great time. Catching up on a backlog of paperwork. Updated SFES with new illustrations. Yes, porn-without-plot. Rule 34, go!

02/23/10: Rearranged and removed some things. Most of the changes were internal.

02/13/10: Added “Deployment”, “Prisoner of War” to SFES after a two year drought. On a personal note, I'm looking for Ms. Right, and a job.

12/22/09: Fixed a few broken links. @.@ Sorry about that. Working on my book. Figured out the ending.

07/19/09: AC was fun. I had a great time. Kudos to the lovely Dark Natasha for being so awesome! I'm really looking forward to next year. I will be at MFM with my best friend Lazzydragon. Well, likelyhood of 80% right now. I'm still writers blocked with Friends Forever, but I'm writing more PWP starfoxxx. Plan on streamlining SFES a bit. It's been two years since the last overhaul. I'm still nowhere in my Freya rewrite. At least AC has sparked some kind of writing out of me.

06/05/09: Finally bought my own name. Writers block is three months in. Returned to my job. Saving up for Anthrocon. Will be there with my best friends Lazzydragon and AmberRose.

10/14/08: Christ. Thought I updated this thing right before Anthrocon. My best friend Lazzydragon now resides in Hawaii for the next three years. I miss her dearly. I've also been going through writers block the past five months. Guess I'm in another slump. Still working on getting illustrations done and rewriting Freya. I have three projects going. My book, Freya, and a private smut spin off of the book. Don't know if that'll ever be made public. I've been working my tail off at my mcjob, but right now I'm just saving up money and trying to figure out the next path in my life.

03/30/08: Added an illustration to Dinosaucers on page 19 by Ignatius Husky. Added another illustration to SFES on page 30. My best friend Lazzydragon is NOT leaving after all. Still working on my book. Looking forward to Anthrocon. Began rewriting my Freya fic, but I'm blocked. Still. Meh.

03/12/08: ooooookies. It's 2008 and apparently my iframes that display my links and this news/update page have been nonfunctional. ::restore:: I've not been having a good couple of months. Death in the family. My best friend Lazzydragon is leaving soon. I have restarted my novel and am focusing on that. Still periodically getting my Star FoXXX illustrated, but for my own pleasure. Thank you all for your continued support. I'm pleased to have such great fans.

12/13/07: Well it's Winter. We come closer to Christmas and the new year. What have I been up to? Getting my life in order. I've dumped everything I have into my book. I will be graduating college finally. Mweh. Just a stepping stone. Have to get a Bachelors Degree. Only way to survive jobwise in this insanity of a society. Haven't really been putting much effort in getting story illustrations done lately. I've made a few new friends. Just chugging along in life. SFES and Falco/Katt are closed. I'm still rewriting Freya to be more consistent with the actual game. Did all of it... except I'm just stuck on the one reunion scene. I mean, I've written porn. My book is something original, plot, sex, mostly plot. My two best friends help write scenes for it. I look at them and wonder how shitty of a writer I am compared to them. Lazzydragon and AmberRose are two awesome writers. Lazzy can draw... She just doesn't write much till I finally prompted something out of her. She's damn good at it. Maybe it's because they have different styles. And the fact that I've not written anything plot based since the old “Captured” series back in 97... That contributes to my frustrations. All my porn stories will continue to be illustrated. I just lost my drive to get it all done ASAP. Thank you everyone who has supported me. It is VERY much appreciated. I will be at Anthrocon 07... err. Heh. 08. >.>

Story Illustration Updates




31, 41, 69, 107

The Journeys of Freya Crescent

07/20/07: Updated FA with Falco/Katt and SFES. Reuploaded them to here so everything is on the same page.

06/28/07: Happy birthday to me. 25. Rewritten SFES released. Countdown to Anthrocon has begun. Begin Jack Bauer 24 countdown clock.

06/18/07: Re-released the book teaser. Was way longer than I intended. Friends Forever, the eight part series is dead. Gone. Done. It should've been fully deleted years ago. From the net, anyway. Apparently I still get mail asking about it. Cleaned out Yiffstar. Will be updating that to mirror FA. At least just the stories. Broke 100 pages on my Friends Forever book. 70% done overhauling SFES. LazzyDragon and I will be at Anthrocon. Look for her in the artist alley! She's taking badge commissions!

06/06/07: Anthrocon countdown has begun! 66% done tweaking overhauling SFES. Also stop by my good friend LazzyDragon's FA page. She's the awesomeness. Check her out in the AC Artists Alley, provided the lotto is kind to her! Also removed the snow effect. Also cleaned out the FA page a little.

05/11/07: Wow. Another update. Not that anyone comes by here anymore. Can't blame them as I've been as dormant as the LavaDome's volcano. Also. Released a teaser of Friends Forever. A teaser? After many many years? Yes. A teaser, whose contents are always subject to change, etc. Updated Falco/Katt and Dinosaucers. Nothing added on. Spending all my time on the Friends Forever book. Perhaps I'll get a spark at AC.

04/29/07: In the process of gradually touching up SFES after two and a half years. 50% done. Though I started three months ago. @.@ Illustrations are bein' done. Not like they're a major part of the story. Been writing my Friends Forever book. Almost up to 100 pages. Publishment? Hmm. Who knows. It's been my uber-secretive project as of late. I will be at Anthrocon 2007!

01/09/07: Must've been smoking something with the Falco & Katt Chronicles two years ago. Proofread it and cleaned it up.

12/30/06: New Falco/Katt illustration on page 33.

12/28/06: New Freya illustration on page 18.

12/24/06: New Dinosaucers illustration on page 25.

12/23/06: hehe Merry Christmas! Here's my present to you. An update! A BIG update. New illustrations added as follows:






28, 81


2, 4

The Falco & Katt Chronicles

19, 39, 42, 49 (2), 50, 53

The Journeys of Freya Crescent


The Falco & Katt Chronicles has been expanded at the end. Friends Forever, the versions you've known it as, is offline for good.

My FurAffinity gallery is updated as well.

02/18/06: New illustrations to Bandit and First Impression. Still working on Friends Forever. I plan to release a teaser soon. Got my art planned for Anthrocon, which I'll be at. ^.^ As for inspiration, it's been little. Still haven't finished rewriting chunks of Freya Crescent. Talked to Ryan Murray of all people and hopefully my spicy Freya stuff inspires some more Freya porn outta him. I know we all would like to see some. :3 Been ebaying stuff for AC funds.

01/26/06: Illustrations added to SFES, pages 8 and 10. Began rewriting chunks of Freya Crescent.

01/09/06: Illustration added to SFES. Page 9.

12/30/05: What a month and a half. Friends Forever has been progressing nicely, but it's still a work in progress. I'll release it when I'm ready. I'm pondering closing SFES and Falco/Katt only to update them with illustrations as they become available. The illustrations are coming nicely. I just have to do these things on my own timetable. I realize it's frustrating, but I've gotta do what I've gotta do. I can't be swayed by other furs. I appreciate everyone cheering me on and giving me advice. Writing is a weird science. Certain moods hit you at certain times. I'm not about to drop off the face of the net for two years like a long time ago. I love to write. I just don't know what I could do to SFES porn wise except illustrate it in various places. I did write a framework of a battle scene. Friends Forever makes me happy and things are under wraps until I'm ready to release it to the general public. I wish everyone a safe and happy new year in 06. May the new year bring you inspiration and good times.

11/16/05: Wow. S'been awhile. Got a whole bunch of illustrations in progress from a jaguar who shall remain nameless. Have been toiling with Friends Forever all semester. I may release a teaser of it soon, but school's been keeping me busy otherwise. Haven't had a good motivation to write all semester except on Friends Forever. The three pics that were done at the DC Picnic are looking to be colored sometime in December/January once the kewl snowmeow has more time off. In case I don't see anyone before next week, have a great and safe Turkey Day!

09/23/05: Did some reshuffling in the Misc section. Streamlining all stories to PDF. Very tired of the HTML. Be sure to have Adobe's latest reader. It's available in Linux too!

09/23/05: New illustration in the Freya series. It's on page 14. Many thanks to Scappo. He may be doing more stuff for the Freya series. Streamlined the disclaimer on all story series. Friends Forever remains unchanged on the site while being continuously worked over.

09/19/05: DC Picnic this week. Expecting to get an illustration or two done there. Working hard on Friends Forever. Everything else kinda gets the backburner. I'm pondering if there's room to expand SFES story-wise. Any ideas?

09/06/05: Well I was expecting a few more illustrations to be done by now. The kewl snowmeow has been sidetracked with her own projects so I'm releasing the updated Falco/Katt and SFES stories. New illustrations are on the following pages:

SFES: 14, 69, 132, 147
Falco/Katt: 23, 51

Work continues on Friends Forever and will during this fall semester. I'm in an advanced creative writing class. There are some people from the last course in this one who're familiar with it. My thoughts and prayers are for all those humans and animals (mainly the animals) affected by the Katrina tragedy. The humans can take care of themselves. The pets must be saved too.

08/23/05: SFES is rewritten to my satisfaction. I have a few more illustrations to add and it'll be uploaded then. School is starting up in a week. Advanced Creative Writing should be fun with Friends Forever. Especially with all the work I've put into it. My Yiffstar archive will be updated accordingly all in due time. I found my main artist. She's a great snowmeow! Check her out here and commission her if ya like!

08/11/05: As I rewrite SFES, I've removed the part where Katt Monroe becomes pregnant a second time. It's unneeded. Nothing posted yet. Not for awhile.

08/04/05: New illustration to the Falco & Katt Chronicles on page 48.

08/02/05: New illustrations to SFES. One on page 13 and another on page 180. Work continues on Friends Forever.

07/24/05: Okay. So now that everything is the way I like it, I'm going to be working on Friends Forever for awhile. It was the first smut story series I've ever done and it deserves as much time from me to be perfect. I'm done with Star Fox for now. Not forever... Just for now. Doesn't mean I'll stop trying to get illustrations done for them.

07/22/05: Freya pdfed. Falco/Katt pdfed. SFES pdfed. They will be replaced as they're added onto. I'm working a lot on Friends Forever so it's going to be awhile before it's released.

07/17/05: Created an electronic business card (VCF) file for my contact info. Should merge into any address book. Removed Essays section.

07/16/05: The first Star Fox series I ever wrote (classic section) is pdfed.

07/16/05: The Freya Crescent section is updated. Same thing done. In a nutshell, I'm converting all of my story series into single PDF files since they're series to begin with. This is done to cut down on 99% of my html work. They will eventually be replaced upon adding to them. I reserve the right to continue rewriting them at any time.

07/15/05: Rewrite/fixing of SFES and The Falco & Katt Chronicles complete. More changes to follow in the coming weeks! Enjoy!

07/15/05: On page 12 of 177 of rewriting SFES.

07/12/05: Anthrocon was okay this year. Big changes are coming.


Name: KitFox McCloud
E-mail address:
Comments:I am Captain KitFox McCloud of the StarFox Team and the son of Fox McCloud and Fara Phoenix, you need more pictures of my mother Fara naked and pregnant.

Get some drawn and e-mail them to me! ^.^ I'm not totally made of money. ^^;; Perhaps I'll commission one during AC. Speaking of that. Anthrocon is on the right track.

06/27/05: Fixed the SFES char desc and timeline linkies. Birthday tomorrow. Bleh.

06/26/05: I'm now up on FurAffinity. Less than two weeks to Anthrocon. I hope to be back with some illustrations after that. Been having some writers block/lack of motivation recently. That'll change innawhile.

6/10/05: Bandit and Lucky Day rereleased.

06/09/05: Began rewriting Bandit, Lucky Day, Quarantine, and one other fic I can't remember the name of.

06/08/05: Freya smut trade with Zack complete. I've spruced up my FurAffinity page. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm considering doing a prequel to Reflections of the Past. Kut@jaguar has finished all the pics for me, but it'll be a little while before he can send em too me. ^^;; ^^ AC plans are going great.

06/02/05: Haven't had much inspiration lately. Hoping something sparks around Anthrocon time. ^^ Any suggestions are welcome.

05/15/05: Lucky Day released in the SFES section. Speaking of that section, I fixed all the links.

05/14/05: I will be at Anthrocon. Almost done with Zack's trade. Began writing Lucky Day.

05/10/05: Halfway through the trade with Zack. Pondering ideas. If you have any, let me know.

05/08/05: Decisions released in the Friends Forever section.

05/02/05: Began a trade with Zack for Season 4. Decisions completed. Release to be by the end of the week.

04/18/05: Quarantine (SFES) released. I reserve the right to add on more later.

04/17/05: Present is already completed. Hard at work on Decisions for the final EN 218 story. School is over in a month, thank GOD. I'll be at AC. :3 Sorry for the lack of updates, but I need to do things at my own pace.

04/06/05: Reuploaded Present. It now has an illustration and has been rewritten for the final time. Initiation has its final colored illustration uploaded. Much thanks to the kewl snowmeow Rachel the Snow Leopard. Continuing work on Quarantine.

04/02/05: Prints for sale. 18+ only.

04/01/05: Two colored illustrations uploaded to Reflections of the Past. Many thanks to Rachel the Snow Leopard! She's a kewl snowmeow! Tired of doing the hyperlinks. You all know where everything is by now.

03/31/05: On page four of Quarantine. An updated version of Present to be released by 04/05/05.

03/23/05: Present released.

03/22/05: Both black & white illustrations in Surrealism are now colored thanks to Rachel the Snow Leopard! She's a great snowmeow!

03/20/05: Uploaded a colored illustration to Friendship. Color by Rachel the Snow Leopard!

03/20/05: Uploaded a colored illustration to Surrealism. Will have a Friends Forever story up by April 5th. More to come over the weeks. Color by Rachel the Snow Leopard!

03/14/05: Uploaded colored version of Ka Crow's intimate pic in Finally Taking a Hint. Color by Rachel the Snow Leopard!

03/14/05: Okay, so Huskie finally finished coloring the updated illustration to Temptation. W00t! Began writing “Level 1”.

03/09/05: Colored character descriptions uploaded to the Friends Forever Character Descriptions. Fixed the fact that they actually work. Much more love to Rachel the Snow Leopard! Fixed the problem with The Falco & Katt Chronicles Timeline and Character Descriptions. They were in the Friends Forever directory. Uploaded draft #2 of the Friends Forever story for my English class.

03/08/05: Colored version of the Command Decision illustration uploaded. Much love to Rachel the Snow Leopard! Continuing writing my EN 218 story. I know I haven't done a story in awhile but all good things come to those who wait... I should know that's especially true...

03/02/05: Colored version of the Charmed illustration uploaded. Special thanks to Rachel the Snow Leopard!

03/01/05: Well, March is here. Whee! Colored illustration uploaded to Initiation as well as Topped. Much thanks to Rachel the Snow Leopard!

02/27/05: Been having some writers block but I have been writing a furry story for my English class. You can view the draft here.

02/09/05: Everything I converted to flash is now PDF format. Yes, this way is better. Takes up less space too. Continuing writing "Sisters".

02/07/05: New illustration uploaded to Needs. Began writing Sisters, but I'm updating at my own pace. I'll be at Anthrocon 2005!

02/05/05: Ok. So I rented Star Fox Assault. I'm NOT pleased... Katt and Bill are nowhere to be seen and they took a great plot from the beginning and shot it straight to hell. Damn it. Make another Star Fox 64!!! >.< I would've been happy if they just redid it. Nintendo should NEVER hand this franchise off to someone else again. The track record is against it. Godfucking dammit!!! >.< I'm so disgusted, I'm not even going to work that game into The Falco & Katt Chronicles Timeline. I can't! I won't! The story... The lack of story... The lack of characters... I could develop a better game myself that'd do the franchise JUSTICE!!! The Chosen comic is back online. As for new stories, I need some inspiration. Namco should rot in hell. ::sighs:: Boxer still hasn't resent the package with the final five pictures nor has made any attempt to e-mail them to me. Apparently he's too busy to deal with me although I don't understand this. He says they're done. What the hell... Katt's Theme uploaded.

02/01/05: New illustration of Fara Phoenix by Latina Peachtea uploaded to the The Falco & Katt Chronicles Character Descriptions.

01/31/05: Ok. I know I haven't updated in awhile. At least with an actual story. But I do have one. Raid released.

01/30/05: Fixed story order on the SFES page.

01/29/05: I don't have infinite disk space. And that IE PowerPoint thing was pissing me off. Chosen comic re-released in a pure directory listing. Click and browse the comic yourselves. Future Image Blueprints reworked for size quota issues. More of them added and lowered the file size as much as possible without blowing the quality. Contact with Boxer. My end of the story/art trade is completed. Will upload both the story AND the picture I'm getting for it once it's received. Changed all PowerPoint presentations to flash. The Chosen comic is now flash.

01/28/05: Chosen comic removed for reformat.

01/26/05: Another pregnancy timing issue fixed in Friends Forever. Commissioned Bliss Greycloud. Entered a story/art trade with Latina Peachtea.

01/23/05: Chosen comic released.

01/22/05: Still no package or contact with Boxer. -.- I added a page and a half to Friends Forever instead of just making a separate story.

01/22/05: Having a little writers' block but a story is progressing. Pregnancy timing issues in Friends Forever and The Honeymoon addressed and changed. Yiffstar version mirrored as well.

01/17/05: Uploaded new pic of Fara Phoenix by Latina Peachtea to the SFES Character Descriptions.

01/16/05: Going to take a week of break. Will upload any illustrations during this time as they come in. I've got some things to do with my life. Began writing "Freyed" and such.

01/10/05: Better copy of Bliss Greycloud's end picture to Good Fortunes has been uploaded. Original received. Transaction completed. Refined the formatting in ALL of my Yiffstar repository. All of the images now show, the html disclaimer is present, all stories with the keyword of illustrated are illustrated and the general formatting scheme has been streamlined with this site.

01/09/05: One of my closest friends says my porn (she's a fur) is disgusting. It's just furry smut. How much weight should I put to this? I know I should write some g-rated stuff. It's all an issue of when. Maybe I should rewrite the classic fics.

01/08/05: Nine Months by AmberRose released. She's my best friend and is slowly writing this in chapters. I've got nowhere to put this so I'm shoving it in the traded section.

01/07/05: Season and Season 2 released. Zack did both of these stories for me. Chosen comic by Kates fully completed and originals received. Pondering options of its possible release on this site. The original of the commission by Bliss Greycloud of Fara Phoenix nine months pregnant has been mailed. Commission of Zelahn for another illustration of Needs is scheduled to be done by tomorrow. Began working on a seven image portfolio for Spots.

01/06/05: Happy New Year!!!! Kicking off 2005!!!! Academy (Fox/Bill fic), First Impression, and Bandit released! Illustrations added to Past Resurfaced and Bittersweet Reunion!!!! All pages of Chosen comic completed. Now in inking phase. Converted all typewriter fics to text. Centered disclaimers in all stories and played around with the formatting. Updated Super Crazzy's url to her new DA account. Going to try and convince her to make prints when she feels like it. It's certainly worth it.

12/28/04: Young Love released. I wrote this during a lack of sleep and I had some pre-made illustrations already done so I put a story together. More like slapped it together. I have no intention of rewriting it. The next one to be uploaded will be the Fox/Bill m/m fic.

12/25/04: Merry Christmas again! I got rid of all those stupid IE snowflakes and made sure they were replaced with the much less obtrusive ones that are supported on ALL modern browsers. Especially FireFox! Page 9 of Chosen comic completed.

12/25/04: Merry Christmas!!! Arwing released.

12/23/04: Three new stories completed. One of them is a Fox/Bill fic! The first will be released on Christmas.

12/21/04: Purrrfect released. Fixed some illustrations and uploaded a new illustration to Escape. Commissioned Zelahn for a redo of the Fox/Fara pic from Needs. This one will be in full color and completed by the end of the year.

12/18/04: Casual Encounter released.

12/16/04: Page 8 of Chosen comic completed. Thinking of a story to write.

12/14/04: Vacation starts on 12/22/04. Will be busy until then. Maybe I'll have a story up by then.

12/10/04: Added snow and some counters to other main pages. Star Fox: Assault release date 02/15/05.

12/09/04: Spots released.

12/07/04: Up to page 11 of Spots. The Chosen comic being done by Kates is 63.63% completed. I'll be pitching it around so you won't see the whole thing and anything posted on here will be watermarked. :3 Uploaded the fixed version of Tsi's picture for Friendship. Been up for eighteen hours. Didn't write much obviously. >.> Anything I would've written would've been garbage. Got an update from Boxer. Three of the five remaining pics to be backgrounded and colored are complete but they will not be released until everything is finished with appropriate fixes if needed. Also drew and rendered three pictures for Spots, but they're not of any people. Just g-rated story scenes involving no furs. >.> I can't draw. ;) Ten days before I get a lot more free time. >.> <.<

12/05/04: Cargo released. On page 8 of Spots.

12/04/04: Fortuna Base era of SFES changed slightly to make due with the streamlined SFES Timeline that is now uploaded. Spots is on page 7. Cargo to be released tomorrow.

12/03/04: News released. Continuing writing Spots. It's on page 4. Doing 7 pages of STORY before smut. Personal challenge.

11/30/04: Time released. Began writing Spots. Will release Cargo and News in the days to come. Hell, I may even rewrite Time, but it's probably doubtful. I could if I wanted to. *shrug* This is the last of the two real short ones.

11/29/04: Just a Date? released.

11/28/04: Celebration released. I told you I wrote two short ones. >.> Getting those out of the way first.

11/27/04: Back from Thanksgiving break. Wrote five stories. They'll come out to half the page count on paper. Two are really short, two are really long, and one is in between. Will be putting them into the computer tomorrow and releasing them incrementally. Streamlined lynx section to remove the horizontal scroll bar in its inline frame.

11/23/04: Going on Thanksgiving hiatus. Going to try and write, but I can't promise anything. Back on 11/29/04.

11/22/04: Page three of comic Chosen by Kates complete. New illustration by Tsi complete and uploaded to Friendship.

11/21/04: Please check out supercrazzy/dodgeshadowchik's site!!! I've known her ever since I got into furry and I've convinced her to take commissions. She's self conscious about her art, but she's GOOD!!! She could easily make $400 at Anthrocon in my opinion. Her e-mail and info are on that site. It's a shame she's just starting to take them... but she's worth it... really, really worth it...

11/20/04: The prequel to Chosen released. It was written in the same manner as Chosen was. It's called Moonlight.

11/20/04: Giving the site a facelift. Added FireFox compatible snow. The art donating thing was a bad enough idea compounded by PayProwl's questionable business practices made things worse. I have been taking time off writing to draw up blueprints of story scenes that I intend to get commissioned in the future. They're 100% done by me with all the data and references needed for an artist to turn to to draw the image. The art donation page is rescinded and replaced with the directory listing of these blueprint images. Why is there a directory listing? It's not practical to make a page that gets continuously updated everytime I add or remove something. Just hover your cursor over the URLS and look in your browser's status window to get the full description of what the image is supposed to contain. The URLS are long on purpose so I don't have to remember what's inside them.

11/19/04: Page two of comic Chosen by Kates complete. Extended it to 10 pages. That is the last extension. It's coming along nicely. Kates isn't a fur. She just loves hanging around us because we amuse her and we're decent people and she's a money starved artist. It all works out. ^.^ Pondering on writing a prequel to Chosen. Fixed the first image in Poker Night. It was still Katina when it should've been Fortuna ever since I switched. So I changed that and now it's all good.

11/18/04: Page one of comic Chosen by Kates complete. Extended it to 8 pages. Friends Forever illustration by Kates updated. Will not be releasing comic until I've pitched it to a few publishers. Anything I do show you of it will be severely watermarked.

11/17/04: Commissioned a six page comic of Chosen by Kates.

11/16/04: New story illustration uploaded to Friends Forever. Done for me by Kates of #artcommissions on FurNet. Check her out!

11/15/04: Bah. What the hell. A story made to order for ClarenceTHare. Bar Hopping released. Be warned, it's an unusual trade.

11/14/04: Pondering... Possibility of a story/art trade with ClarenceTHare. The story won't be posted here, but the art in return if it happens will. He's drawing a cg backgrounded scene of Tera blowing Alkalide from Leave. I remember someone commenting on how they liked it. He already drew me a sketch and at least this way I won't be out anything except time writing, but he's a great artist. I was channelsurfing Furnet for artists and whatnot yesterday. Also posted a stupid blurb on Furry.Artwork.Erotica featuring the use of reference pictures I made in Gimp for future work I want done. It was my hope to inspire some trades/requests to spice things up using these referenced building blocks for scenes I want drawn, but I embarrasedly cancelled the thread after no real replies. It was only less than a day, but I was probably being impatient. Bleh. I still have the post to the VCL forum minus the copyrighted character pic links, but don't get me started on that. The next story will be delayed a bit if the story/art trade happens.

11/13/04: Made a minor change to Friends Forever. Fixed the fact that Matt is a junior and doesn't graduate with Jessica. Replaced the character pictures for all my original characters with enhanced versions with backgrounds.

11/12/04: Ok. I've finished most of my non-furry workload. I'm not on hiatus anymore. Entertaining suggestions. I'm approachable. Why am I not contacted more? o.o Just tell me what you think!

11/10/04: Fixed minor bug in Leave and added more highlights for future commission possibilities.

11/09/04: Got a lot of school work this week. I'm taking a week off so I'll be back on 11/16/04 and hopefully with a new story, but we'll see. I commissioned this picture from Tsi. She's a friend of mine. I will be out of town from 11/23/04 to 11/28/04. Won't be able to write anything during that time, unfortunately. Thanks to all you great fans for stopping by. I wouldn't be anywhere without you.

11/06/04: Topped released.

11/03/04: Boxer got in contact with me. The final four pictures of my commission to him are going to be delayed even longer. -.- ::sighs:: Still don't have the original of the pregnant picture of Fara from Bliss Greycloud. Huskie is coloring the picture of Temptation. I don't have an estimate of when that'll be done but it hasn't been long. Art-wise, things have just totally sucked. $120 worth of commissions are outstanding (waiting on). Boxer is still my main artist despite these  damn delays. I'm loyal to him and he's worth it ten times over. It's just a real let down that the commissions were started after Anthrocon and it's November 3rd now. It's not fair to me or all you great fans, but that's the way life is sometimes. My commission luck has just been in the crapper. Okay, enough bitching about that. I'm on page six of "Topped". Wrote some more to the beginning of the story. Added the My Essays section. It contains various college essays of mine.

11/01/04: Named the Katt Monroe story "Topped". Already on page five after 24 hours. Pondering adding more backstory, but Falco Lombardi finally makes an appearance in the SFES Series. Please, everyone, sign my guestbook. Let me know you're all out there. :)

10/31/04: Katt Monroe the stripper? Beginning a SFES story before the Venomian Invasion and her mercenary life where she starts that on the side.

10/26/04: The Morning After fixed typo-wise. I wrote it in OpenOffice and the windows custom dictionary was unavailable. Couldn't do the same to Heavy Hitter 2 and Heavy Hitter 3. OpenOffice and MS Office don't like each other and it's one of the bugs. Pondering a story for the weekend.

10/24/04: Heavy Hitter 3 released.

10/20/04: Updated version of The Morning After released. Pondering a story for the weekend.

10/19/04: Added onto The Morning After. Haven't released the updated version yet. Planning to write something in the near future.

10/16/04: Scrapped Heavy Hitter 3. Released The Morning After.

10/15/04: Began writing Heavy Hitter 3. There's going to be  m/f/m and m/m scenes. I started it today out of boredom but I'm not pleased with it so far. I'll prolly just redo it tomorrow morning. I uploaded the edited index2.htm file. This removes the fureauction inline frame. Guess I never got to uploading it before. I apologize.

10/14/04: Heavy Hitter 2 released. It's m/f in the beginning, but still m/m.

10/13/04: Began writing Heavy Hitter 2. Been having problems with my comp and I have Linux installed now too. I have limited choices with webauthoring on linux at the moment, but it hasn't kept me from writing. I'll be finishing Heavy Hitter 2 by Monday. Take care!

10/07/04: Delivery released. I wrote this on vacation and it's extremely short. I just never released it. It won't fit in The Falco & Katt Chronicles or SFES. Just a misc Star Fox story and there's no smut in it. Oh, just click the link. In any event, I'm on hiatus until 10/10/04. I've got a commitment to someone very special.

10/04/04: heh. So I do look at my hit count a lot. X.x >.> <.< I'm now open to ideas. I'm out of em. Toss me some suggestions! You're great fans.

10/03/04: Streamlined update linkage. Links will now take you to the story's respective page instead of the story itself. Done for better hit stats.

10/03/04: Heavy Hitter released.

10/02/04: Gave the site another face lift.

10/02/04: Uploaded an extremely rough draft of "Heavy Hitter." This is raw story and is by no means the finished product. Just thought it'd be fun to show you how much my stories suck before I actually get in a roll and do them justice!

10/01/04: Changed the poll. Since item #3 was illustrated, I will go back and work in the runner up order for future illustrations. Added a javascript clock set to Barrow, AK time.

10/01/04: Streamlined all character descriptions and 90% of the illustrations with embedded copyright info. Began working on "Heavy Hitter". A m/m story between a hippo and an elephant. Two underused species in the fandom, so here's my first actual try at a new m/m story!

09/28/04: Trade with Zack completed and uploaded. It's called Minion.

09/27/04: Removed the paypal donation info for my own protection.

09/26/04: Entered a trade wif a fur named Zack from the UK. I'm on page three of the trade and he wrote me a personal request which I probably won't post here. If I do, I'd have to change some names in it. The story I'm writing for him will be seeded into the Freya section. Yes. It's a Freya story with his character inserted. The DC Picnic was a smashing success. Tossed around Boxer's info to some artists and got some pics done. Ka Crow redid a pic for Finally Taking a Hint. It came out very nicely. Huskie did a pic for Temptation. Had to rewrite it a little to accommodate the pic.

09/23/04: Enlarged the FireFox button. Looking for websafe compatible snow.

09/23/04: Bittersweet Reunion released. On hiatus until after the DC Picnic.

09/22/04: Good news. Got off my wolfy tail and revised "Bittersweet Reunion". Fixed everything I didn't like with it and I'm almost done. Going to upload two more things to lynx section sune.

09/22/04: Alright. I changed all of my bank accounts and debit cards to avoid payprowl. I removed all my financial info from their site and I'm severing ties with them. Morons... Will avoid marking payprowl as an option for all future fureauctions... What's the problem with (dare I say this...?) go back to money orders and cheques? >.> <.< =.= Sure, paying in ten seconds was convenient. Blah. Ok. Before I end this rant, go HERE and download these two recorded phone calls Marc Perkel made with PayPal customer service! They're waaaaaaaaaay worth forty minutes of your time! Ok. Ending the payprowl rant that took up my entire day yesterday. Writing... oooh, the writing. "Bittersweet Reunion" is on page 3. It's a Frately/Freya fic, but I'm not satisfied with its length. Also because I'm very rusty on my Final Fantasy IX info (the freya/levy fics were easy) to make this thing decent is going to require my utmost concentration. DC Picnic on Sunday. I'll be getting some illustrations done from there. :3 Approach me! I demand it! :3 ;) Alright. Male/Male fics... I don't do many of them. I've done... like one. Mainly because I'm 99% leaning towards females. The way I see it is there are already plenty of m/m fics out there, but I should really sit down and write one. Perhaps a Bill/Fox one or Falco/Fox. >.> <.< Alright. I'm done. *uploads update*

09/19/04: Looks like my donation plan only lasted a week. Goddamn PayPal. New idea. Better donating idea is here. 

09/19/04: "As many of you may know, PayPal has 'upgraded' it's terms of service.  And like many upgrades, this one breaks major features, and renders PayPal unusable.

The rundown is thus:  PayPal not only bans adult items from being bought and sold with its service, but now it reserves the right to FINE anyone caught doing so five hundred dollars ($500)!  I don't know if it's legal for them to do so, but I sure as hell don't want to find out on my own.

So, I'm switching online pay services.

The one I'm switching to is Yahoo!'s PayDirect.  Unlike PayPal, this has the benefit of being backed by a real bank, and being FDIC insured.  The link to it is:

http://paydirect.yahoo.com/  &n bsp; (In the 'Send Money' tab, click on the 'Email Money' link to see the basic service)

So that's that on that :) "

FoxxFire explains it better than I can. Fuck PayPal. As of now, I will not be accepting it except for donations much less anything else except pending fureauction items. They need to be fucking sued. >.<

09/19/04: NFL Kickoff in two hours. Go Redskins! Changed layout yet again! ^^ Scrapped "Bittersweet Reunion" and started over on it. Optimized for 1024x768!

09/18/04: Fixed the pic in Charmed. The webmaster of Cleyra is doing an illustration of Temptation for me. Let's see how that turns out... :3

09/18/04: Began writing "Bittersweet Reunion." Donation page updated.

09/18/04: Past Resurfaced released. I promise you this wasn't rushed in any way. Hope you enjoy it. Added a better FireFox button! Next story planned is a Freya story that follows in line with the events of Final Fantasy IX. The maintainer of Cleyra.com asked to host my Freya stories and I was thrilled to even be asked. I've linked to their site in the links page. Go take a look.

09/17/04: Why didn't I think of this 5 days ago? I should've said all money from my fureauctions will sit in paypal and also dumped into the illustration fund. >.> <.< Alrighties. "Past Resurfaced" has been extended. On page 12. A preview of it now exists. Fixed a stray line space in Good Fortunes.

09/15/04: Finished Past Resurfaced. Will spend a few days debugging it. Fixed the size of both these frames.

09/15/04: Alrighties. Up to page 11 of "Past Resurfaced". Rearranged my links section wif another inline frame. I did this dual inline horizontal arrangement simply because I don't like scrolling down unneededly. And yes, that ain't a word. I'm pondering capping Past Resurfaced at 15 pages. For local furs, I will be at Panda Guy's DC Picnic. I will have my illustration and story hardcopy binders there with me! ^^ Also tweaked the story descriptions. Been up since 3 AM but I got 7 hours of sleep anyway. >.> <.< Blah. The Redskins are 1-0 so I'm very happy. Also have another inline frame... you can tell I love them by now, eh? It displays and will display all of my active fureauction auctions. Yes, it's a way to advertise to make me money, but if you find something you want and bid on it, and then win, both of us end up with something we want. Hell, I might even auction off a commission from myself. Never tried it before either.

09/13/04: Ok, one last thing before I head off and that's this little page layout shuffle.

09/13/04: The good thing about having my wolfy counter is that I get visitor tracking and stat features. Believe it or not, I counted 70 unique IP addresses hitting my site just today! I'm under the impression that I'm not that well known, but at least 70 people think this site is important enough to come here. Guys...girls...contact me! Let me know you're there! I know you're not about to donate for illustrations and I don't blame you, but just tell me how you think I'm doing. Tell me which stories were your favorite or what you didn't like about one. I'd also like to apologize for how Escape turned out. I was reluctant on posting it so quickly but I wanted to show you all something. I reserve the right to touch it up later and I probably will, but I'm sorry for releasing it. Also, with Past Resurfaced, I'll give you a little preview. It has to do with Fara meeting up with a lost lover and the birth of her daughter. Falco and Katt... oh, they're in it too. The whole series revolves around them, but I tend to sidetrack myself. As you know, I recently changed the series to adapt to Star Fox Adventures and Krystal and it looks like the new Star Fox game (which needs to get here soon) will also be included. Krystal... She's something new for me. I've only mentioned her once before and I did the whole plot change on a whim. I actually had to do a little research today when I got to a Krystal scene. But seriously, for every one of my fans, I want to thank you for continuing to visit. If you've contacted me via IM, I'm not one who's easy to get to know. I prefer there to be some space between the writer and the fans. It's nothing personal... just a comfort issue with me. I'll talk to you on IM, just don't expect to become really good pals. Alright. I need to head off. For Past Resurfaced, I'm not planning on releasing it until a set deadline of next Monday. One week from today. 9/20. This will give me plenty of time to add more to the story and give you all a heads up as to what to expect. Please remember, my e-mail addy is cyberwuffy @ hotmail dot com. The e-mail links on this site are xcyberwuffyx'd to protect me from spam. Take care everyone.

09/12/04: Fixed the page layout.


Alright. I've given this some thought. Some thought. I'm accepting donations to an illustration fund. This fund will become my paypal balance (currently at $0). Why donate? Illustrations cost money and that is something in today's country that's hard to come by. All of you don't know that I keep very detailed records. Having no time on my hands, I took every commission/requested piece of art dating back 5 years and put them into a database. Yes, I can use access.

It's only fair that by asking you to send me money, that I be completely truthful with my fans about where I live and who I am. I am known as Matt `da Wolf and I live near DC in Maryland. I've been giving you all the illusion that I've lived in Barrow, AK because that would be a fun place to live and hang out with all the wolves. Well, mebbe not that far north, but still. I am a full time college student who enjoys writing (obviously) and without a job. Damn Bush. grr. Whenever I'm not in class or doing homework, I have a good amount of free time so that enables me to write to my heart's content. I apologize for giving you a false image of me, but some people already know me as Cyberwuffy and Matt `da Wolf anyway, so what's the point of continuing the charade? Oh, the site won't change. Everything will stay put (duh), but I really live in MD and I'm at home with my parents. No mercy applause, please.

I have other IMs which I will not disclose. Mainly because if you aim me on Cyberwuffy I know you're contacting me (I hope) about my writing or my site. 9200 hits... I may not get as much fanmail as I used to, but all of you that have contacted me and praised me for my stories. I know several artists from Anthrocon and personal experience. Boxer is and always will be my top artist, but the large commission is still ongoing, but almost done. He's swamped with other projects and he does this stuff for a living. I can understand that. Hell, I've had this single dial-up connection since 1999. Patientence has grown on me. Yes... that's misspelled, and I know how to spell that but it's not clicking and front page's dictionary sucks balls. Not like I need to use spell check much. :P

Here's how it's going to work!

To the skeptics, I'm not trying to scam you. I'm just trying to have a separate source dedicated the addition of illustrations to this site without my personal resources being drained. Everyone who comes here, you all are the best fans a wolf can ask for. On a final note, Krystal has been added to The Falco & Katt Chronicles and I've put a Fox/Krystal scene in Past Resurfaced. It's on page 8.

09/12/04: Updated Good Fortunes to make an age change. Uploaded The Falco & Katt Chronicles Timeline.

09/12/04: Alright. As of September 12, 2004, I reordered the stories in The Falco & Katt Chronicles to reflect the addition of Krystal. Escape now takes place first. There is an eight year gap between Reflections of the Past and Finally Taking a Hint. The details are too fucking confusing even for me right now, but all you need to know is this. There's one little order change... one little erasing in Escape, and everything else should still work. I only thought of the idea an hour ago and look me now. On page 8 of "Past Resurfaced." Believe me, I'll getting around to making a simple timeline. I'm gonna need one to keep this all...organized. >.> <.<

09/12/04: Began writing “Past Resurfaced” and I'm on page 5. It belongs in The Falco & Katt Chronicles.

09/10/04: Well, I'm back, and as promised, I have a new story. It's called Escape. Two stories are planned and I'll probably begin writing one of them today. Illustrations added to Schedule. The first is done by Allara `de vixen of FurNet and the second is by Cesarin. The third is by Stephen Doerr. Please be sure to sign my guestbook. I would really appreciate it. Added uploaded pictures to the SFES Character Descriptions. Tracy Smith and Hardi Stracker now have character pictures. Brian Reeds should be done in a few days. Many thanks to Stephen Doerr for them. The detail is absolutely AMAZING. Updated the character descriptions for The Falco & Katt Chronicles.

09/03/04: I'm taking a break from writing for a week. To put it more accurately, I'm taking a break from updating this site. I need some time to myself, but I'll do some writing during that time. Back on 09/10/04 and I'm hopefully gonna bring some new/fixed illustrations! Please continue to e-mail me. I'm not dropping off the face of Alaska. Although it's gonna get subzero here in the weeks to come. Go snow!

09/03/04: Added FireFox button! Continuing to write Escape.

09/02/04: Began writing Escape. All three color illustrations posted so far are getting tweaks as far as the backgrounds go. Graphite pics will be completed first (the char description pics) and then the rest will fall into place. Timetable is two weeks for full completion. Note to self: Don't issue a huge ass commission at once. >.> <.< Do it in bits and pieces! But I trust the artist very well and I will commission him in the future. Just not all at once. x.x Also reshuffled the illustration filenames. I'm bored!

09/01/04: The color illustration uploaded to Reflections of the Past is getting redone. At least the background. :3 Just thought I'd post this version up anyway.

09/01/04: Color illustrations completed and uploaded to Sharing Our Love and Reflections of the Past. There's one more for Reflections of the Past which should be done soon. As soon as I can think of something, I'll write another Falco fic.

08/30/04: Added Yiffstar to the lynx section. Added some Star Fox music. Two tunes from the SNES version and four from the 64. I had to optimize them for diskspace since I'm under a quota. They can be downloaded here: Corneria (SNES), Space Armada (SNES), Bill's Theme (64), Katt's Theme (64), Zoness (64), and Katina (64). Now pay attention 007 </Q>, these links are the only places you'll be able to download the files. They're in WAV format. I've tried to get them in MP3, but they're 300 KB each and are the full tracks. They play pretty well. I don't feel like putting up a whole music section. I'm only posting these files. :3 Pondering writing another story. I'm up for suggestions. Drop me a line.

08/29/04: Forgot to mention. I uploaded a majority of my stuff to Yiffstar. Nearly all of my Star Fox stuff is there. Just haven't gotten around to submitting the rest.

08/29/04: Temptation released. I could've sworn I uploaded this... then again all I'd have to do is check this updates list. hehehe. It's a Freya fic! Also released Friends. That story is about Ginny Fox and Matt StarLight. Ginny's player is a very close friend of mine and she's been in the Star Fox realm as long as I have. Her character Ginny is the adoptive daughter of General Pepper so I wrote up a story and seeded it into the SFES series. Stephen Doerr aka Boxer promised me some goods next time he logged on. He's been having internet troubles, but the wait should be worth it. Expect all of the B/W starfoxxx scenes from Sharing Our Love and Reflections of the Past to be completely colored. As well as four new story illustrations, completely colored and backgrounded. Two each for both Initiation and Surrealism. Yes, I commissioned Boxer right after AC for all of this, but what I'm getting far outweighs any delays! Alright. What else? Also need to add the latest stories to the SFES Timeline and SFES Character Descriptions. Added the Report a bug feature.

08/28/04: Together released.

08/27/04: Fixed Morning and some other links.

08/25/04: Chosen released. Pondering its comic possibilities. Fixed text size problem.

08/24/04: Cravings released. Story five of six typed into the computer.

08/22/04: Ok. All settled in. Three of six stories typed. Snowed In and Midnight Interlude are subject to revisions. I only posted them so early because I wanted to give you all a sneak peak. The changes, if any, would be minor. Began typing story four of six.

08/21/04: Back from vacation. Wrote six stories. Typed two of them. They will be released sequentially as I have time to type them. Moved The Cockpit from the requested section so I could seed it into the SFES series. Uploaded two new stories called Snowed In and Midnight Interlude. One of the stories I wrote (not uploaded yet) has comic possibilities. At least I think so. Wonder what will become of it. Updated the SFES Timeline and SFES Character Descriptions. Color versions of Stephen Doerr's illustrations will begin to be produced along with four new full color illustrations. The entire job is almost complete. Timetable for commission completion is two weeks.

08/13/04: Made a minor story change to Good Fortunes explain the background of the newest pic. *zooms off for the final time*

08/13/04: One little gem before I actually leave. Bliss Greycloud has completed the commission I issued to her. The end picture, a beautiful one, in Good Fortunes. Many thanks Bliss!!! Oh, and she's taking commissions too! COMMISSION HER! ;) :) *zooms off to vacation*

08/13/04: Continued working on the Charmed sequel. Going on vacation to the beaches of the lower 48 states! I'll be back on the 21st! And I'll most likely write a story or two while on vacation as well!!! ^^ Seeya!

08/10/04: Fixed the links in the Freya section.

08/09/04: Added an illustration to Charmed by Jessup Columbia. Added a background pic to the Freya section that was done by Ryan Murray. Began writing a sequel to Charmed.

08/07/04: Fixed the bug with Schedule. It now works. Made a Freya Crescent section for the hell of it.

08/07/04: Completed On Towards Morning. Alright. So this is merely an excuse for me to give Katt a little action. I'm sorry for its short length, but I'm kinda in a slump. I'll be writing more lengthier stuff soon. Hopefully. I need some inspiration. Fixed disclaimer bug on Charmed.

08/06/04: Uploaded two pictures to Finally Taking a Hint. They were done by Ka Crow. Planning on slutting out Katt Monroe again in another story. Still brainstorming. Changed the poll.

07/28/04: Charmed completed.

07/27/04: Began writing a new story. It's a Freya story called "Charmed".

07/26/04: Changed the illustrations so when you click on them, you'll go to its full size. Added two b/w inked illustrations to Initiation. They will promptly be replaced with full backgrounded color versions, but there's what to expect for now. Pondering what to write. Perhaps a Freya story. >.> <.<

07/22/04: Changed some ages of the McCloud children's generation to 18.

07/21/04: Fixed some formatting in Command Decision.

07/19/04: Rewrote Pleasuring Her Beast and renamed it to Schedule.

07/18/04: A massive pic undertaking is in progress. 12 pics will be completed and uploaded as they are done within the next month. In other news, I'm a little burnt out. Even after AC. Does anyone have any ideas? Lemme know! Added two more pictures from AC to the site. They both need minor retouches, but I might as well get them up now. Abyssinian did one for Friendship and Zelahn did one for Needs.

07/17/04: Did some more rearranging with the index page.

07/17/04: Thank you everyone for making these 7000 hits possible! I may be putting up some comics of Genus for sale. Bleh. Yeah. Like I'll get anything for em. $3 each. hehe.

07/16/04: Part 2 of the Friends Forever series released. The story is titled The Honeymoon.

07/15/04: Continued rewriting the Friends Forever series. Resized the two new images for Command Decision and Poker Night. Louie Shawntae Howard did the picture for Command Decision while Louie Furrywolfy did the pic for Poker Night.

07/15/04: Released Quick Rapture. It's really quick. X.x I need to finish rewriting Friends Forever. Mebbe I'll start today. Got more illustrations coming in awhile.

07/13/04: Fixed the Command Decision formatting and tweaked the length of this update frame.

07/13/04: Back from Anthrocon!!! Uploaded pictures to Command Decision (a new story), one to Poker Night, and a colored Fara/Katt scene uploaded to Good Fortunes.

07/07/04: Last new story posted for AC. It's called Leave. I'm off  until then. Back in a week or so!

07/06/04: Changed minor detail in Friendship. Added a Wolf Warning to the Warning page.

07/04/04: Tweaked layout of site again. The poll is now a nice button and the Dreambook is moved into one of the subcolumns.

07/03/04: Colored illustration posted in Good Fortunes.

07/02/04: Fixed the Initiation link.

06/29/04: Added two illustrations to Reflections of the Past. They're only inked so they dun show Tarvus's dorsal blackness.

06/27/04: Decreased the wolfsong volume by 60%. It needed to be done. x.x

06/27/04: Added poll.

06/26/04: Tricks of the Mind released and uploaded.

06/25/04: Combed over all the htmled stories and made their appearance consistent. Completed and uploaded Grown.

06/25/04: Removed the table in the SFES page and increased the cell padding so the descriptions didn't get all overlappy for all the story sub-pages. Re-centered the "Friends Forever" page title.

06/25/04: FOX MCCLOUD GOT LUCKY!!! Krystal issa pregnant. Hopefully. She's certainly gotten her figure back after being knocked up.

VIA GAMESPOT: Building on the story laid down in Rareware's hybrid title, Star Fox Adventures, it would seem that peace has once again descended upon the Lylat system, allowing time for Fox to father a son, while his pals take some well deserved R&R. As time passes, a new threat emerges that will require the Star Fox team's attention. It would seem that the key characters from SFA will be carried over into this game, most noticeably Krystal, who replaces the retired Peppy (who seems to return in an advisory role) to become the fourth member of the team. Other than that, little to no other information is known about the story for what is being branded simply as Star Fox, we expect a numeral or a subtitle to be added later.

As with its previous incarnation, Star Fox 64, game options are divided into two areas, single player and multiplayer. Single player mode will chronicle the Star Fox team's battle against the latest insidious evil that is attempting to invade the Lylat system. The point here is that in this Star Fox game, Fox will finally return to his roots, as the game in general, casts away the adventure game groundings of the last GameCube adventure to take on a much more familiar shoot-em up feel. Throughout this game, the theatre of war will be spread about a variety of locations; both planet and space based, and encompass an assortment of scenarios to fight in.

Too bad my SFES timeline doesn't take this Star Fox 2 game into account. hehehe. Maybe a Krystal/Fox story is in order after AC.

06/24/04: Fixed inconsistency in Initiation.

06/24/04: Fixed the second illustration in Sharing Our Love.

06/24/04: Added an illustration by Rita LaShette to Fox's Valentine.

06/24/04: Fixed some slight grammatical and date errors in Changes.

06/24/04: Changes completed and uploaded. Continued improvements to the main page. Added counters to all of the story sub-pages.

06/23/04: Removed the underlines from all the links.

06/23/04: Uploaded the new stories and took down the old. Will add more of the new Star Fox stuff as they are completed.

06/23/04: Uh... 91 degrees... ::SMACKS THE WEATHER CHANNEL:: Fix yer sensor station! Completely rewrote the character descriptions. Weeded out two SFES stories that I can't convert. May convert them anyway. All depends on what mood I'm in.

06/21/04: Massively reworked the SFES timeline and character descriptions. No changes have been made to the versions stored here. I just began doing them on my computer. It's currently 42 degrees here. Wooo! I've begun to add more of a history and background for Tera Bravehart.

06/21/04: Changed the kids' names from Jessica McCloud and Matt Grey to Angela McCloud and Tom Grey. Just a little preview of things to come. The SFES stories on my site are the old ones and will stay up until I replace everything in one solid swoop. Anthrocon looms closer and closer...

06/21/04: Overhauled all of the stories in terms of creating an inline page at their beginnings. This way I only have to update a more generic disclaimer ONCE and not a billion times! Basically the same kinda thing this update pages is in. I also rewrote another Star Fox story. A M/M one. I didn't think I was gonna enjoy it and was putting that particular one off but when I started it didn't seem to bother me. I added x's to my e-mail address to prevent harvesting, so I hope it's not too much to ask for you all to remove them while ya e-mail me.

06/20/04: MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT!!! I'm rewriting and reordering ALL of my SFES stories that were written before 2003. This means that some will be cut and many reordered in order for the story line to be more clear. I'm almost half way done with this huge undertaking and I plan to leave the original stories up until I replace everything in one solid sweep!

06/19/04: SFES #26 written and released all in the same day!

06/19/04: Gave the site's main page a new face lift! Now with this convenient frame thingie! Updated the weather applet and my contact info.

06/18/04: Rewrite of SFES #12 complete and uploaded!

06/17/04: Began rewriting SFES #12. Good Fortunes illustration completed by Fraisala and uploaded. My end of my trade called In the Woods with SheSpeaksofNothing completed and uploaded.

06/16/04: Uploaded the SFES Timeline. Completed the trade with SheSpeaksofNothing. Thanks for everyone who signed my guestbook! I don't really check it as much as I should. x.x

06/16/04: Added a completed illustration to Sharing Our Love. Will have it CG colored sometime in the future.

06/14/04: Here's the artist who's supplying me with these great pics! His site is www.stephendoerr.com! He's one hell of an artist! Added his domain to my Favorite Places! You must go!!! :3 Hmm. On page three of my trade story with SheSpeaksofNothing. I've posted the three illustrations done by Stephen Doerr in their respective stories. Two on Good Fortunes and one for Sharing Our Love. Click on them and they will take you to his site. He's one hell of an artist!!! A must see! He's a pleasure to do business with. :)

06/13/04: Began story/art trade with SheSpeaksofNothing. Need more details. Two completed pictures for the Friends Forever Character Descriptions are complete. Tweaked their descriptions and uploaded the whole thing. One illustration for Sharing Our Love complete and uploaded. Will get it CG colored by the artist after AC or when I decide to. Awaiting CG pictures for the two illustrations for Good Fortunes. Should be in about a week, but it's worth the wait. Uploaded the second Good Fortunes illustration, but it's inked, so you'll be waiting for the CG version as will I. Full frontal nude pic of Tera Bravehart should be received today. Also expecting two complete inked illustrations for Finally Taking a Hint and another one for Good Fortunes.

06/10/04: Added an illustration to Good Fortunes. Color version to follow in a couple of days.

06/09/04: Friends Forever 1 rewritten and released. Illustrations soon to follow. Added a character picture of Jessica to the character descriptions section.

06/08/04: Friends Forever 1 rewritten. Waiting until illustrations are available before posting. Commissioned an artist for another Good Fortunes story illustration. Should receive it shortly.

06/01/04: Returned from trip. Rewriting on Friends Forever started.

05/26/04: Planning to rewrite the Friends Forever series. Going on a trip for a few days. I'll let you all know when I return.

05/20/04: Reflections of the Past released.

05/18/04: "Reflections of the Past" finished. Two more days of revisions and possible additions before release. Added link to VCL account. Completely revamping the archive there.

05/17/04: On page 7 of "Reflections of the Past". Added snow effect to other main pages. Added two old stories to the MISC section. Meeting a Horny Dragoness and Pleasuring Fara.

05/12/04: Summer in Barrow begins. It gets as high as 40 F at some times. On page three of "Reflections of the Past".

05/10/04: Began writing "Reflections of the Past". It's part of The Falco & Katt Chronicles. Seven more story illustrations for Sharing Our Love issued. Estimate for full completion is a month.

05/01/04: Got three story illustrations done. They all need touchups by their artists before I post them. I give it about a week. Updated the links section wif the artists' lynx.

04/29/04: Added an illustration to Good Fortunes done by Vix Vargas. Going to try and have it colored sometime.

04/27/04: Torment's End complete. This is the first Dinosaucers story I've done and I think it's turned out well.

04/22/04: Continued the current story I'm on. Currently at page 14. Uploading character descriptions to the site. Although they may be incomplete, new pictures will be added as they're received.

04/19/04: Started a new story on 4/16/04. Keeping its contents secret for now. Up to page 10. Will take a back burner to any commissions I receive. That's right. I'm now taking commissions! Please be sure to read the details!

04/03/04: Don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour at 2 AM tomorrow morning. Working on updated character descriptions with more multimedia. Added a nice wuffy song intro sound. awoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

04/01/04: I'm stopping ALL of my future writing! Hahaha! April Fools! Scouting artists for character description pictures and story illustrations.

03/29/04: Uploaded Rita Cubed for Rita LaShette. She's a close furiend of mine. It's part of a trade I'm doin' with her. She's gonna draw me a piccie in return. Hope she likes it.

03/27/04: Uploaded new Friends Forever character descriptions. Looking for artists to do two character pics for Matt and Jessica. Maybe even one of after the birth with their son.

03/26/04: Began plans to accept commissions. Details and terms of which are still preliminary and soon to follow.

03/25/04: Added the Requested Stories section. Fixed some formatting discrepancies on the story pages. All RTF files previously on this site have been converted to HTML.

03/24/04: Uploaded preliminary SFES description page. Exported from PowerPoint. You'll be in for a treat. Just wait till it's fully finished!

03/24/04: Fixed lots of formatting discrepancies and typos.

03/24/04: Good Fortunes is finished!!! Enjoy!

03/22/04: Actually started writing the third installment of The Falco & Katt Chronicles. On page 10 right now. Considering on going to 15 pages. Commissioned an end picture from Bliss Greycloud. In the process of revamping the character description pages.

02/18/04: Started writing the third installment of "The Falco & Katt Chronicles". I moved both of my new StarFoXXX stories to the new section above.

02/05/04: Finished the sequel to Finally Taking a Hint. It's called Sharing Our Love. It's in the MISC section. Also in rich text format. Enjoy!

02/03/04: Finished "The Cockpit" and Finally Taking a Hint. They're in the MISC section and both are in rich text formats. Please don't whine to me about it. If your computer can't read Rich Text Format, then you've got some serious computer problems. Enjoy!

12/16/03: It's here! SFES #25 is fresh off the presses!

12/04/03: Changed Katina Base to Fortuna Base and all instances for SFES's #23 & #24. Mere technicality, as that's the damn iceball in the Lylat System.

12/03/03: Original plot of SFES 25 scrapped. Production with new plot underway. 11 pages done so far. Goal is 30. It's fucking FREEZING up here.

10/16/03: It's here! SFES #24 is finally here! More images will be followed as soon as they can be produced! Enjoy!